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About Us

Infosec Cybersecurity Services provides a full range of individual and complementary cybersecurity and digital risk management services for businesses and organisations in Calgary and throughout Canada. Because each business is unique, we customise our services to address the specific needs of your company, offering solutions for small, midsize, and large organisations to help protect your data, information, and digital assets.


We encourage you to contact our team for an initial cybersecurity consultation, where we can discuss your specific needs or determine what makes the most sense for your industry. Please call us at {{Phone Number}} for a consultation, or to learn more about our many unique solutions to your cybersecurity needs.






Our Approach to Security & Prevention

Whether you’re located in Calgary or throughout Canada, Infosec Cybersecurity Services is the leading choice for addressing all of your data protection and digital access protection needs. For companies small, medium, and large across all major industries, Infosec is ready to provide the best possible feedback and solutions that will better protect your organisation. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with Infosec, today.